Luxury by lindsay

Luxury by Lindsay


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With years of local event experience, I’ll be sure to make your event memorable. From the decorations to the entertainment, my goal is to turn your vision into reality. Especially as a black wedding planner I hope to add your special touch of ethnicity and culture.

Wedding Services

The Full Wedding Package

A wedding ceremony from A-Z is a lot of work: multiple angles, endless details, and months of work to cover logistics. We can take so many directions, choosing themes, location arrangements, the cuisine, budget, and of course the date and time. It is a daunting task but it is nonetheless exciting! It’s your special day and it deserves all the care and love you feel for it! And we come in here to make that a reality by taking the behemoth task off of your shoulders just enough so you can enjoy the little things and not miss the big picture!  From the day of the decision to the moment you say I do, we work with a 9-month timeline from start to finish offering you the entire package of vendors, budget management, unlimited email and dashboard communication, and so much more! Expect an average of 4-5 site visits from my team and I while you rest for the big day!

The 60-90 Day Wedding Coordination Package

This package is for those already with a headstart on their wedding plan. Deciding on the final style and theme, the location, the weather, and all such details matter, but those already deep in planning are aware that nothing matters more than the flow of it all – what comes first, and what comes last. For last minute details and preventing mishaps, we offer this savior package dealing in detail with guaranteed results over seating arrangements, entry procedures, catering, design and every last bite you may miss. A 2-3 month time frame is the ideal and it allows you to relax while we make it all really happen.

Birthday Events

Whether it’s your child’s first birthday, your partner’s special one, or simply your milestone date, we want it to live in your memory forever. Meticulous planning, care, and intricacy go into setting the tone of the special moment piece by piece, for every minute’s worth so you forget this was all ever planned in the first place are what we do. Come aboard!

Other Events

Club members’ union? Alumni get-together? How about a social dinner with clients? We make it all happen. Let us take care of your events, detail by detail while you live worry-free as the wheels turn and it all falls in place for the right place and time.